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Alec Ahee
VP of Partner Engagement
"Great product! HomeBinder offers a way to help my clients maintain their home. That's a huge benefit to them in terms of lowering their cost to own a home and when time to sell, the reports and data gathered over time helps the listing and selling agent market the house. It's a win/win deal that I am happy and proud to share! Keep up the great work - HomeBinder Team!"

-Gary Smith, SafeHome Inspections

"HomeBinder is a perfect fit for inspectors looking to be more relevant with today's buyers and agents. It helps us distinguish our service from other inspectors."

-Cheryl Myers, Amerispec Delaware
"HomeBinder has been a hit in my territory. Real Estate Agents like it because it keeps them in front of their buyers for as long as the buyer owns their house. Clients like it because it helps them manage one of the largest investments they will ever make. I like it because it gives me a marketing edge for all of its great attributes. And the support from HomeBinder has been outstanding."

-Bert Welsh, Win Home Inspection Fig Gardens

"My clients requested I offer Home Binder as part of my inspections because they want everything on their phone or iPad so they can easily reference any material needed."

-Lisa Giroux, HomeQuest Consultants
"I didn't realize how much buyers would love HomeBinder. The millennial's really value this because they're all about the Internet and having no extra papers to keep track of. I also can tell they're interested in the product because before I'm done with the inspection they have already asked me twice when they're going to receive it."

-Dan Hunsaker, Right Home Inspections

"In the last 10 years marketing our services to one of the largest agent offices in our area, it was HomeBinder that opened doors for us to come back and do a presentation to the entire group!"

-Andy and Monica Merritt, Preferred Real Estate Inspection Services

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